Steroids: How To Recognize the Signs of Someone Using

Did you know that the average user does not look like he or she is using at all? In fact, sometimes you cannot always tell unless you know what signs to look for.

"There was this guy I knew who worked out at the local gym. He was pumped and ripped in all the right places. He told us one day that he looked better now than he did 20 years ago. We thought he was on something. It turns out that he was not, but if you saw him, then you might have understood why we assumed something."

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misconceptions and myths about steroid use. That is why some people automatically make the assumptions they do. Below you will find some signs of actual steroid use and why you should be concerned that it might become something more serious.

A Few Side Effects

1) Acne on various parts of the body. There is a difference between regular acne and acne from steroid use.

2) The person will become increasingly more paranoid, similar to what happens when someone does coke. The person is paranoid over the smallest things.

3) Hyperactivity is another side effect that affects everyone differently. Some people have minimal hyperactivity, and others have extreme versions of the hyperactivity. Hyperactivity is when the person is exceptionally active and animated. A vast majority of people who battle hyperactivity also face anxiety and depression.

What Are Some of the Dangers of Steroids?

Steroids affect everyone differently. It depends on the person to what extent some of these dangers are alarming.

1) People who use steroids will often times suffer from blood clots and kidney damage later in life. Some studies have reported high counts of strokes and heart attacks with people who use steroids.

2) Mood swings are rampant. One minute the person is logical and easy to talk to. The next minute they are very volatile and aggressive. The mood swings, depending on how severe, sometimes makes it difficult to be around the person.

3) The person will face depression at any given moment. They might also be suicidal in some respects. The person will be highly irritable. The slightest thing can and will set them off.

4) Women can face fertility issues, and their voices might get deeper. Men will have problems with their testicles shrinking.

5) Studies show that men who take steroids for an extended period can be guilty of domestic violence crimes, as well as murder. It can get very extreme. That is why recognizing the signs earlier will help to reduce the chances of some of these things happening.

The Side Effects In Men

1) Men who abuse steroids can have fertility issues too. Chad has taken steroids for the past five years. He and his wife have been married for about the same time.

His wife is now ready to try for a baby. Chad thinks nothing has changed. In the past, Chad could have gotten his wife pregnant just by looking at her. His sperm and semen count was that high, very fertile. Since Chad has been taking the steroids to up his game in the gym, the steroids have affected that fertility. Now Chad is having trouble getting his wife pregnant, and they have had to resort to a specialist.

Chad is just one example of the millions of men this happens to.

2) Chad also is facing erectile dysfunction due to his extreme misuse of steroids. Chad's wife wants him to stop because it is affecting everything, including his performance in the bedroom. Chad and his wife used to go for hours, spending days in bed. Now, Chad cannot do that.

The Side Effects In Women

1) Stacy goes to the same gym as Chad. She has been taking steroids for about the same time. Stacy and her husband also want to try for a baby at some point. Stacy's use of steroids affected her menstrual cycle. That means it will be harder for her to know when she can and cannot get pregnant. Brandon, Stacy's husband, is worried that her occasional use has now gotten out of control. Stacy, like Chad, does not see a problem. Her menstrual cycle says differently. Brandon is worried that if she keeps it up, she will lose her feminity completely.

These are just some examples of how steroid misuse affects a person's life. You can find out more by doing a Google search.

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